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    we are in partnership with top universities in the UK and across Europe with Masters opportunities for Africans. We help you choose the best place based on your career objectives and destination preferences.

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    Through in-depth consultations, personality assessments, and industry insights, we empower students to make informed decisions about their academic and professional paths before they travel out for studies.

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About LoftyEye

LoftyEye stands as a distinguished global education consulting firm committed to elevating students on their academic journey through exceptional study abroad options and personalized career guidance. Our unwavering dedication is anchored in the pursuit of excellence and innovation, aimed at addressing the distinctive needs of students and partners alike. With a vision to create a significant global influence in the realm of education, LoftyEye emerges as a trusted leader in providing comprehensive solutions for academic success.

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Hear what our successful students have to say about us

My experience with LoftyEye was smooth and fast. They ensured I understood every part of the application process down to VISA application till I travelled out. Amazing team.

Lisa Ann University of Aberdeen

A big thanks to LoftyEye team for helping me achieve my career dreams. From when I made inquiries till I left the country, they provided the sufficient guide and support I needed.

Godwin Anthony Software Engineer

You guys are the best at what you. I am a Pharmacist today, thanks to your proper counselling session that helped me make this choice I'm so proud of today. Thanks LoftyEye team.

Amanda Eze Pharmacist

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