About LoftyEye

LoftyEye is a globally recognized education consulting firm, dedicated to championing students on their academic path through exceptional study abroad options and customized career guidance. Upholding core values of excellence and innovation, we address the distinct needs of students and partners, creating a significant global influence in the realm of education. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that students are not only guided but also empowered to thrive in their educational endeavors.

Our Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

At LoftyEye, we envision a future where we empower students on their educational journey, delivering unparalleled study abroad solutions and personalized career counseling. Striving to guide students towards success and add substantial value for our partner institutions and stakeholders, we aim to make a lasting impact, establishing LoftyEye as a trusted global leader in education consulting.

Mission Statement

Our mission at LoftyEye is to empower students through outstanding study abroad solutions and student-specific career counseling. We achieve this by upholding core values of excellence and innovation, dedicated to addressing the needs of students, partner institutions, and stakeholders alike, fostering a global impact on education.

Frequently Asked Questions

LoftyEye provides Application guide services for students looking for career opportunities abroad. This way we help people who are new to the process follow the right steps when applying to foreign universities.

With the help of our agents we help our successful students with all the necessary guide to get their VISA to study destinations with less hassles, and the faster processing time possible.

We partner with higher institutions in the United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Malaysia, Australia, Canada and Netherlands among others.

During our counselling process, our team provides clear information on locations with study and work opportunities, the kind of jobs available and working conditions to help you make proper decisions on your study destination.

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